Scripted Visions is now accepting submissions for publication in the following categories:

- Fiction

- Poetry

- Non-Fiction

Scripted Visions is currently in search of new writers who are hungry to get their voices heard by the literary public. We are seeking high-quality writing from high-quality authors who are willing to enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with our company. Please send us original, previously unpublished work only.

Send all submissions to:


Submission Guidelines

We only accept queries and submissions via email. Address all emails to The Scripted Visions Publishing Group "Submissions & Talent Acquisition" Department.

Be sure to include the following with your submission:

Tell us about your book:

·    Genre

·    Word Count

·    Are you planning a series? If so, tell us how many books you plan on including in the series.

·    Your pen name, if applicable.

·    Give us a brief description of your book in 200 words or less.
We accept Microsoft Word documents.

- List of your social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and links to your blog or website.

- First three chapters (fiction submissions)

- 4-6 poems (poetry submissions)

- Detailed outline and synopsis (non-fiction submissions)

- Introduction email describing your writing and publishing experience and book submission (all submissions)

- Valid contact information

REMINDER: All submissions should be made via email and all attachments should be sent in Microsoft Word


Allow 4-6 weeks for a response to all submissions


At Scripted Visions, we believe in the writer as the fundamental foundation of all we do. We understand that not all writers are ready for publication and that some may prefer to test the public waters before diving into the deep end. For these writers, we recommend participation in our S.W.I.F.T. initiative! Program details and submission instructions will be COMING SOON!

Any other type of query for information about Scripted Visions Publishing Group should be sent via email to: to the attention of The Scripted Visions Publishing Group "Information Management & Public Relations" Department.