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"See IS Believing!"

Tip #13: “Seeing IS believing”

Whenever someone asks me about writing: “How do you do it?” “How do you become a better writer?” “How do you get started?”, etc…My answer is pretty much the same…Sure, I offer tips about the importance of reading and possibly taking writing classes, using online resources, etc…but the thing that I always try to drive home is this: you have to do more writing than talking…to make my point even more succinct, I like to borrow Nike’s motto “Just Do It!”…

And I mean exactly that…pick up that pen and paper, sit down at that computer (or typewriter if you are feeling nostalgic for old school) and let your words come out however they want to come out…I promise you that if you earnestly allow yourself to begin writing whatever is in your mind without worry of judgment (self-judgment included) you will find that your ability to write flows more freely. This isn’t the time to worry about if your writing is any good. That part comes later…right now we are just getting ourselves off of the starting block.

Believe me when I say that there is something to be said for actually seeing yourself create words. The importance of this exercise cannot be overstated. The great thing about being able to read at something that you wrote is that you will begin to believe that “YES I CAN DO THIS!” And sometimes this all it takes: you showing yourself that writing isn’t some unattainable skill that only the especially gifted have or some sort of rarified air that very few of us are blessed to reach. Anyone and everyone who can read can write. That’s real. The difference between writers and everyone else? Writers HAVE TO WRITE. It’s that simple…we can’t NOT write. We have to put words together and tell our stories. We aren’t wired any other way.

So, ask yourself: Am I a writer? If the answer is yes, then the only thing standing in your way now is YOU. Pick up that pen, sharpen that pencil, boot up that computer, and refresh the ribbon in that typewriter (do they even make those anymore?) and let’s do this.

Write on!