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World of Words #11: “Time is Money!”

Tip #11: Time is Money

“Time is money.” We’ve all heard this saying before right? Probably many, many times over. It’s a classic saying meant to convey a sense of urgency and a disdain for wasting hours, minutes, and seconds and any other measure of passing time. There is a reason why this saying has been around as long as many of us can probably remember. Why?

Well, because it is the absolute, unquestioned truth especially when it comes to business. And this pursuit of our chosen craft, this dream-chasing in which we have all endeavored is a business. And make no mistake, writing for public purchase and consumption IS a business …So in this business, wasted time is wasted money. With the understanding that the only way this journey will get traveled is if we put pen to paper, fingers to computer keyboard and get this thing done.

So, keeping this in mind, it is important for all of us to remember that if we allow ourselves more than the momentary and occasional “shut down and reboot” session, we run the risk of slipping into procrastination. And when we do this, we are taking food out of our mouths. Like we discussed in the last post, there is always something we can be doing to assist with the progress of our craft. Now don’t misunderstand what I am saying here, I am not advocating that you burn yourself out or overwhelm yourself to the point where you don’t know which way is up and the rest of your life is suffering as a result.

However, we all have stories to tell, right? I mean, that WHY we are walking this road which is often bumpy and winding and full of potholes and some times even dead-ends. And these stories aren’t going to write themselves, right? No way, no how. So here we go...this is where the pack gets thinned out…where the pretenders are separated from the contenders (I have clichés for days, trust me…I can go on and on and on)…This is where you decide “hey, I’m going to get this done one way or another, this book or story or whatever else I am working on is going to get written and written very well.” It’s important that we make this decision and we hold ourselves accountable to this decision, because see, most everyone talks a good game, but not everyone can play a good game…

Until the next time…WRITE ON!