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World of Words #1: “Believe It! The Importance of Establishing & Maintaining a Strong Belief in Yourself and Your Idea!”


As writers we all choose to embark upon a journey. Many of us begin this journey, but not all of us can finish it. So where does it all begin? Well, you guessed it…in your head and in your heart.

That great idea for that great story all starts with YOU. The beautiful challenge of being a writer is taking that great idea for that great story and shaping it, molding it, and then getting it down on paper so hopefully your readers will embrace and love it just as much as you do.

So how do we begin? How do we take that first step, that giant leap to beginning this journey? The first and often most overlooked step is believing in yourself and your idea. That’s right. YOU have to believe in yourself and you have to believe in your idea, not a half-hearted belief, but a wholehearted, “with every fiber of your soul” type of belief. This has to happen before anyone else will believe in you or your work.

Now this doesn’t mean that doubt won’t creep in, because inevitably, it most certainly will. However, that same doubt will also fade if you beat it back by renewing and maintaining your belief in yourself. The power of this single step can never be underestimated.

Establishing and maintaining a strong belief is essential, not only to the success of your idea, but to your sustained growth and success as a writer. You have to own not only your idea, but your calling as a writer. And like a plant or some other living thing, you have to nurture your calling, water it, and allow it to grow.

Ask any writer who is dedicated to their craft and they will tell you that the starting point has to be a strong and unwavering belief in your skill-set and your ideas. And what comes after that? Well that’s the easy part, right? It’s called “Walking the Walk”. All of this strong belief in yourself and your idea will be a total waste if you don’t follow it up with equally strong action!

There will be much more to come on “Walking the Walk” very soon! Be sure to stay locked in to SVPG’s “World of Words” for more tips and strategies on becoming the best writer possible!