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“BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN...” Meet Olivia Harrell



Meet Olivia Harrell...

She could have been anything she wanted. Yet she chose to stand by a man who’s next sunrise is never promised, meaning her next sunrise is also never promised. That’s a demonstration of the power of love and family and the hold those things can put over some people. Even to the extent that they will abandon dreams and live a life of perpetual risk.

Meet Olivia Harrell, the matriarch of the Harrell Family, and the steadfast force behind the DC’s First Family of Crime. She is all cool style, grown woman sexiness, and quiet, unrelenting power. As the wife of Ezra Harrell, Olivia commands a certain level of unwavering respect. But make no mistake, she would have commanded the same amount of respect no matter who she was married to or even if she was on her own. She came into this world commanding that kind of respect. Olivia’s path is the road less traveled...less than ideal, hard and even brutal at times, forced in the beginning and then taken by choice.

But Olivia Harrell harbors no regrets. She doesn't waste time looking back at what could have been. She is set in looking forward to the present and the future; steadfast and determined in her mission to standby her husband and protect her family by any means necessary. Just how far will she go to complete this mission? Find out in Bad Intentions!