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— Curtis Mayfield – “Diamond in the Back”

As opposite as fire and ice, Montae and AJ Harrell make up two-thirds of the founding core of the Harrell Crime Family. Driven by different motivations, the older brothers of Ezra Harrell have stood by his side for decades while he has led their family to the very top of DC’s Underworld food chain. 

For Montae, the oldest of the Harrell brothers, it’s the sheer lust for the power that pushes him. The money, big houses, and fancy cars? Yeah that’s nice and all, but…for Montae Harrell it’s the fear he sees in the eyes of those who recognize him. It’s the pain he knows he can inflict on those who cross him by using just a few cold words, the brutal pounding of his fists, or the quick pull of a trigger. Power is Montae’s drug of choice and he enjoys taking hit after hit after hit as often as possible with no fear of overdosing. 

For AJ, the middle brother of the Harrell Clan, it’s all about “Benjamins”! He is head over heels in love with the lifestyle of being a drug kingpin. The rockstar status it affords him has him addicted like a fiend on a narcotics binge. The endless flow of money to burn and the life of luxury that goes with having last name Harrell is all AJ needs and wants.  He’s never cared for the business side of the Harrell Empire, never wanted to get his hands dirty, but he has always loved reaping the benefits of his brothers’ hard work.

Montae and AJ Harrell. Two brothers who share a common name and bloodline, but are most definitely cut from different cloths. The Brothers Harrell will need each other more than ever in the days to come as their family faces a future that nothing in their past could have prepared them to handle.  

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