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Dear Fans of Fantastic Fiction,

You've heard about The Game, now meet The Players! Enjoy a sneak peak at the cast of BAD INTENTIONS, Book I of the City High Series by Tyrone Eddins Jr.


The man doesn't have to say much…just the uttering of a few words will have people moving with a wildfire lit under their asses. In fact, it’s his presence more than anything that immediately gets your attention. When he enters a room even the conversations of complete strangers derail and change subject, if only just to ask “who is that?”

It’s the cold-chill down your spine, the "Bad-Man" aura he gives off that makes you sit-up and pay attention. It has nothing to do with his looks, money, or ability to intimidate or perhaps... it’s a combination of all of the above. Regardless, what you feel without a doubt is absolute power when you are in the vicinity of a man like Ezra Harrell.

To outsiders, the undisputed head of the Harrell Family and the narcotics conglomerate known as The Syndicate is all fire and ice…cold-blooded precision and forged steel. But the privileged few in his inner circle know that his sole motivation is not money, greed, or a lust for power. It’s the unshakable, uncompromising love for his family that fuels his relentless push for dominance in his chosen trade.

Ezra’s undying love for his blood runs deeper, wider, and longer than the River Nile. Anyone getting on the wrong of the Harrell family doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of seeing another peaceful sunrise. All prayers for forgiveness will go unanswered and all pleas for mercy will be quickly silenced. It’s all for family that Ezra lives this lifestyle. And it’s all for family that Ezra Harrell will make the hardest choices of all in BAD INTENTIONS.

Let it be known to all who will listen: Ezra Harrell runs the DC streets with an unquestioned authority and with the lethal force of a bullet to the head at point blank range.

…A Man among boys…a Lion among sheep…that IS Ezra Harrell…

So what happens when somebody dares to question Ezra Harrell’s “unquestioned” authority? You’ll have to read BAD INTENTIONS to find out!

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