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“BEHIND EVERY GREAT MAN...” Meet Olivia Harrell



Meet Olivia Harrell...

She could have been anything she wanted. Yet she chose to stand by a man who’s next sunrise is never promised, meaning her next sunrise is also never promised. That’s a demonstration of the power of love and family and the hold those things can put over some people. Even to the extent that they will abandon dreams and live a life of perpetual risk.

Meet Olivia Harrell, the matriarch of the Harrell Family, and the steadfast force behind the DC’s First Family of Crime. She is all cool style, grown woman sexiness, and quiet, unrelenting power. As the wife of Ezra Harrell, Olivia commands a certain level of unwavering respect. But make no mistake, she would have commanded the same amount of respect no matter who she was married to or even if she was on her own. She came into this world commanding that kind of respect. Olivia’s path is the road less traveled...less than ideal, hard and even brutal at times, forced in the beginning and then taken by choice.

But Olivia Harrell harbors no regrets. She doesn't waste time looking back at what could have been. She is set in looking forward to the present and the future; steadfast and determined in her mission to standby her husband and protect her family by any means necessary. Just how far will she go to complete this mission? Find out in Bad Intentions! 


This man was a member of their family, wasn’t he? He couldn’t remember the man’s name right away, but he’d seen him many times around the family’s house. 

With a nod from his father, his uncles snatched the man up by his collar, forcing him up on his knees. His father motioned for him to stay behind as he stepped out of the shadows and into the flickering light. He watched his father lower himself into a crouch and edge closer to the man’s face. 

In a voice that sounded more like a growl, he heard his father say, “Hey Moe, can you hear me? Wake up, brotha. We got a few things we need to discuss here. You hear me? I said wake your ass up.” 

Santea saw the man stir as his father continued talking.

You stole from me, Moe, didn’t you? You greedy bastard, you. You stole from my family? What? You didn’t think we would find out? Come on man, you can’t be that damn dumb. Can’t be. But then again, here we are, huh? Right here, right now.” 

The man’s entire body shook with fear. He tried to shake his head in protest, but Santea’s father stood and launched his right knee into the man’s throat. The blow launched the man backwards into a pile of trash and scrap metal. Clouds of dust plumed and the man’s ragged coughs and wheezes echoed throughout the basement as he tried to catch his breath. 

“That wasn’t a question. I know exactly what you did. Ain’t no mistaking it.” 

His father took a step back and brushed the dust from his black suit with both hands. 

“Pick his ass up.”  

His uncles did as his father ordered, both of them holding the man up by his armpits. Moe slumped forward and looked close to passing out, his glassy eyes rolling as his head lolled from side to side. 

“I trusted you and you go and shit on that trust. All over a few thousand dollars, right? Chump change,” his father said as he lit a cigarette and took the first drag. 

“Tell me something, Moe. Is that all your life is worth to you? A couple-few thousand dollars? That’s a damn shame, man.”

“T,” Santea heard his father call to him, “give me that piece you’re holding. Come on with it. Hurry up.” 

He edged forward and pulled the pistol from the small of his back. He massaged its black rubber grip one last time and handed it to his father. The pistol’s chrome gleamed in the dim light as if the Ruger held a hungry anticipation of what was about to happen. Time for some action, it seemed to say.



The teenager standing a few feet away stared in open-mouthed silence, afraid to speak a word or even draw a breath. Horror and amazement washed over him and he wondered what the dying man was trying to say with his few remaining breaths. His father called his name, but the boy didn’t hear him. The shock of what he’d witnessed transfixed him and blocked out all other sound. So much so that his father had to jar him back to reality.

“Santea!” Ezra Harrell said again, raising his voice this time. “You hear me calling you?”

The teenager looked at his father and nodded but remained silent as he tried to swallow the lump in his throat. He hadn’t known what he would see tonight, but he never would’ve imagined something like this. Never. Even when he saw his father looking at him and motioning with his hand for him to come closer, he couldn’t move. His feet were cinder blocks. The look on the man’s ruined face, the fading light in his eyes all read death and held Santea in a trance.

Half an hour ago, when their car had arrived at the broken-down building, the teenager had struggled to contain his excitement. The shiny, chrome-plated Ruger .45 his father had given him felt heavy and real in his hands. His sweat-slicked palms had fought to maintain their grip, forcing him to switch the pistol between his hands and back again.

His father must have noticed his son’s restlessness because he nudged him and said, “Relax son, you won’t need that tonight. Put it away.”

He smiled and winked at him, giving the boy’s head a quick rub. “It isn’t loaded anyway. I just wanted you to get a feel for it. You’re here to watch and learn this time around, that’s it.”

Santea tried to hide his disappointment and looked up at his father who stood just a couple of inches taller than him. By his next birthday, he’d probably be tall enough to see clear over his daddy’s head. Not that it would matter, because he’d always have to follow his father’s law no matter how tall he grew. That would never change. The .45 seemed to twitch in his hand and he wanted to squeeze its trigger and blow something away. He wanted to empty the entire nine-round clip into anything, it didn’t matter what, just to sample the pistol’s raw power. Before tonight, he’d never held anything more hard-hitting than a tiny .25 Walther.

This Ruger, polished and magnificent, was a whole new animal to him. Obedience overpowered curiosity and Santea did as his father commanded. He slipped the pistol back into the waistband of his jeans and looked at the empty building in front of him. What a waste of time. If he wasn’t going to get in any target practice, then why were they out here in the middle of the night?

Father and son stepped deeper into the darkness, moving towards the narrow opening of the building’s basement. Meager lighting pulsed out of a fading yellow bulb dangling from the low water-stained ceiling. The air in the room was stale and suffocating and it reeked of piss and sewage. The stench assaulted Santea’s nose with all the force of an open-handed slap. He wanted to turn away and cover his nose, but if his father wouldn’t, then he wouldn’t either. He also didn’t want to miss a second of what might happen in the next few minutes, whatever that might be.

On the other side of the light-starved basement, he saw his two uncles. His father’s older brothers stood on either side of a beaten down man who was slumped on all fours. Through the thick, purple bruises and caked blood on the man’s swollen face, Santea recognized him as one of his father’s workers. What could he have done to deserve this kind of ass-whippin’?




— Curtis Mayfield – “Diamond in the Back”

As opposite as fire and ice, Montae and AJ Harrell make up two-thirds of the founding core of the Harrell Crime Family. Driven by different motivations, the older brothers of Ezra Harrell have stood by his side for decades while he has led their family to the very top of DC’s Underworld food chain. 

For Montae, the oldest of the Harrell brothers, it’s the sheer lust for the power that pushes him. The money, big houses, and fancy cars? Yeah that’s nice and all, but…for Montae Harrell it’s the fear he sees in the eyes of those who recognize him. It’s the pain he knows he can inflict on those who cross him by using just a few cold words, the brutal pounding of his fists, or the quick pull of a trigger. Power is Montae’s drug of choice and he enjoys taking hit after hit after hit as often as possible with no fear of overdosing. 

For AJ, the middle brother of the Harrell Clan, it’s all about “Benjamins”! He is head over heels in love with the lifestyle of being a drug kingpin. The rockstar status it affords him has him addicted like a fiend on a narcotics binge. The endless flow of money to burn and the life of luxury that goes with having last name Harrell is all AJ needs and wants.  He’s never cared for the business side of the Harrell Empire, never wanted to get his hands dirty, but he has always loved reaping the benefits of his brothers’ hard work.

Montae and AJ Harrell. Two brothers who share a common name and bloodline, but are most definitely cut from different cloths. The Brothers Harrell will need each other more than ever in the days to come as their family faces a future that nothing in their past could have prepared them to handle.  

Watch how it all plays out in the City High series. The first installment, BAD INTENTIONS, is on sale now! Get your copy today! 


NOTHING BEFORE FAMILY… Washington DC, a decade ago… Life is all about choices. The expression of one’s God-given free will. An individual’s prerogative to do what they want and live how they see fit. In life, a person makes choices that will serve as a kind of blueprint for how their existence will play out. Game-changers. The kind of choices that will affect their life and the lives of everyone around them. Sad thing is, sometimes, a person fails to think about the choices they’ve made until those very same choices come back to bite them in the ass. It’s funny how that works. Hell, it’s just plain funny how life in general works… Speaking of choices, Maurice Broadnax had made plenty of choices over the years. And just about all of them were bad. Most of his choices consisted of doing dirt and stepping on the neck of anyone who stood in his way. Like a broken GPS, his choices had led him all the way down the wrong path. Lost and fallen, he no longer had any choices left to make. Kind of like jumping off a cliff with no parachute and no bungee cord… Now, Maurice found himself alone and searching in the darkness for a way out. Hoping for a second chance to erase his long list of regrets instead of adding to it. But there was no way out and no chance of a “do-over.” It was much too late in the game for Maurice. Someone had just made his final choice for him… Moe, as he was known in the streets, lay dying on the filthy basement floor of an abandoned apartment building. Desperate now, he clung to life like a fly clung to shit. Trapped in a fight he had no chance of winning. Each strained gasp for air, each weakening heartbeat failing to do anything more than to delay the inevitable. He could feel the life evacuating his body. The Grim Reaper closed in fast on him now, having seized the upper hand in this tussle thanks to several shots of semi-automatic gunfire. Moe struggled to speak but the blood pooling in his throat forced him to gag and cough. His gurgled wheezing, trembling left leg and the crimson stains blooming from the jagged holes in his chest forecasted tonight’s outcome. Death had punched a one-way ticket on the expressway to hell for this man’s soul.




“When he comes for you, there won’t be much warning. Maybe the hairs on the back of your neck will stand-up…maybe a few goose-bumps will prickle your skin and maybe, just maybe, right before the end you’ll get a terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach that tells you something is about to go horribly wrong. But that’s about it. You really won’t hear his approach…nothing louder than a whisper that you will dismiss as background noise or something that you imagined…maybe your mind playing tricks on you? That will be your last mistake. And the most you’ll see is the dancing of shadows out the corner of your eye…a quick glimpse of your end…the last moments of your life flashing before you, but by then it’ll be too late. In the blink of an eye it will all be over and you’ll be one of the “departed and mourned.”

And then he’ll be gone…vanished like a ghost… like he was never there in the first place…

Meet Lucas Meadows, better known as “The Clean”, a ruthless contract killer hired by the rich and corrupt to seek and destroy without hesitation or mercy. Extreme combat training and a lust for blood make for a deadly recipe and means a quick an end for the intended prey of this hunter. “Precision and Execution” is his modus operandi and he never, ever leaves a job unfinished or traceable by loose ends, hence; his nickname: The Clean. 

The taking of lives comes naturally for Lucas Meadows…it’s the living of normal life that he struggles with. Switching between his everyday identity and his murderous alter-ego, he battles his own demons by exorcising the demons of others. Committing murder for hire…it’s what he does…it’s what he’s good at….Pity is all you can feel for the poor soul who finds himself caught in this killer’s sights… The Clean collects souls like vacationers collect souvenirs. He’s the end of the road, the chill down your spine, the nightmare you won’t wake up from…he’s the Grim Reaper walking in human form… The Ghost and the Shadow…

In BAD INTENTIONS, Lucas Meadows has the Nation’s Capital on his radar…hired to perform a job that will shake the very foundation of the city’s underworld… To see how this bloody story plays out, be sure to check out BAD INTENTIONS, Book One of the CITY HIGH Series. Get your copy today in paperback at  



By Tyrone M. Eddins Jr.
Author of BAD INTENTIONS, BOOK ONE of the CITY HIGH series


Who doesn’t love a good crime thriller?

Well, I will be the first to admit that there isn’t much that I love more than to dive headfirst into a story about a gruesome crime that will keep me guessing and on the edge of my seat until the very end. Whether it’s a book, movie, or TV show, a crime thriller is always my choice for storytelling entertainment.  

In fact, being a man that also enjoys good food, I can equate a well-crafted crime thriller to a delicious four-course meal at a five-star restaurant. Perfectly prepared and cooked by a Master Chef, stories about crime and violence make for some of the most delicious literary and cinematic meals around with each course of the meal served in thrilling fashion. 

Best of all, this recipe isn’t a complicated one at all. Start with a healthy dose of violence, stir in a cup of mystery, blend in some more violence, and add a pinch (or even a full scoop) of sex and you’ve got the makings of a pretty good meal. Beginning with an appetizer of action, good crime fiction takes hold of its audience from the opening pages or credits. It then moves quickly to serve the soup and salad portion of the meal as the story starts to unravel, revealing all of its main characters and plot points. At long last, here is the entrée. Time to get to the best part, the crux, the literal blood and guts of the story. By now the reader or movie/ TV watcher is all in and fully ready to dig into the meat of the story. The storyline is all out on the table now, having been served on only the finest of china and silverware. Twists and turns are in full swing and around every corner. The main characters are all on the move and the action is “all you can eat” freight training towards an incredible climax. And finally…dessert is served…one last gunfight, one last murder, and one last gut-wrenching plot twist all leading up to an amazing and unpredictable ending to this story. At the end of this meal, everyone is left full and satisfied, yet wanting more...

Maybe it’s the grisly allure of the macabre that draws us to the crime thriller genre and allows it grab on tight without letting go? Who knows? But whatever it is, so many of us enjoy great stories that revolve around an unspeakable crime and contain plenty of violence. From an entertainment point of view, crime and violence go hand in hand like burgers and fries, apple pie and ice cream, spaghetti and meatballs. Throughout history, people have been writing about crime and violence for about as long as it’s been occurring in real life. Detailed accounts of criminal escapades and acts of violence have been recorded in every form from no-nonsense non-fiction to sensationalized works of fiction based on real life events and people. 

Whether they want to admit it or not, people love crime and violence…so long as it’s not happening to them, of course. It’s like a drug. A morbid, but enjoyable obsession that provides a unique high. Take a second to think about what stories usually headline the news shows and newspapers. It’s usually something to do with crime and violence. And as much as we shake our head and say “mm-mm-mm” while wanting to turn away, change the channel or put the newspaper down…we just can’t. We have to know what happened and even the newscaster’s warning that “the following may not be appropriate for all audiences”, doesn’t deter us. Instead, it only serves to fuel our fascination and cause us to turn up the volume on the TV, shush the kids, and scoot a closer. Yes, I’m guilty of it too…this strange love for crime and violence. It entertains and it sells. Having been on both sides of the Crime & Violence coin, as both a reader and a writer, I can tell you that there is nothing like it. No substitute for this guilty pleasure. 

It’s this twisted attraction that inspired my debut novel, BAD INTENTIONS, Book One of the CITY HIGH Series. As a writer, one of the first cardinal rules I learned was: “write what you read”, and I routinely gorge myself on the crime thrillers. Can’t get enough of it. Books, movies, and TV shows. 

BAD INTENTIONS and THE CITY HIGH series is a story built on the most basic and animalistic of principles: family and the protection of it’s members at any cost. It’s this code that serves as the catalyst for the BAD INTENTIONS storyline and is also the driving force for the novel’s main characters, the Harrell Family. Over the course of the CITY HIGH Series, the Harrells will have the limits of their loyalty pushed to the breaking point. This story will test and ultimately reaffirm the timeless saying: “Blood is thicker than water”.

As readers indulge themselves in THE CITY HIGH series, it’s a safe bet they will see many different literary influences, but definitely no duplication. BAD INTENTIONS and the CITY HIGH SERIES is about more than just the crime and violence featured within its pages, but at the same time, an avid connoisseur of crime thrillers won’t be left starving on an empty stomach either…




Dear Fans of Fantastic Fiction,

You've heard about The Game, now meet The Players! Enjoy a sneak peak at the cast of BAD INTENTIONS, Book I of the City High Series by Tyrone Eddins Jr.


The man doesn't have to say much…just the uttering of a few words will have people moving with a wildfire lit under their asses. In fact, it’s his presence more than anything that immediately gets your attention. When he enters a room even the conversations of complete strangers derail and change subject, if only just to ask “who is that?”

It’s the cold-chill down your spine, the "Bad-Man" aura he gives off that makes you sit-up and pay attention. It has nothing to do with his looks, money, or ability to intimidate or perhaps... it’s a combination of all of the above. Regardless, what you feel without a doubt is absolute power when you are in the vicinity of a man like Ezra Harrell.

To outsiders, the undisputed head of the Harrell Family and the narcotics conglomerate known as The Syndicate is all fire and ice…cold-blooded precision and forged steel. But the privileged few in his inner circle know that his sole motivation is not money, greed, or a lust for power. It’s the unshakable, uncompromising love for his family that fuels his relentless push for dominance in his chosen trade.

Ezra’s undying love for his blood runs deeper, wider, and longer than the River Nile. Anyone getting on the wrong of the Harrell family doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of seeing another peaceful sunrise. All prayers for forgiveness will go unanswered and all pleas for mercy will be quickly silenced. It’s all for family that Ezra lives this lifestyle. And it’s all for family that Ezra Harrell will make the hardest choices of all in BAD INTENTIONS.

Let it be known to all who will listen: Ezra Harrell runs the DC streets with an unquestioned authority and with the lethal force of a bullet to the head at point blank range.

…A Man among boys…a Lion among sheep…that IS Ezra Harrell…

So what happens when somebody dares to question Ezra Harrell’s “unquestioned” authority? You’ll have to read BAD INTENTIONS to find out!

Get your copy today!


Q & A With Tyrone Eddins Jr., Author of Bad Intentions

Check out our exclusive Q&A session with Tyrone Eddins Jr., the author of BAD INTENTIONS. In today's session, he'll discuss his debut novel, his upcoming work, and any advice he has to offer for other up and coming writers:


Q: This is your first book. Where’d you get the idea to do a novel like BAD INTENTIONS?

A: BAD INTENTIONS wasn't always the first pick to be my debut novel...I came up with this idea years ago, maybe around 2004 or so...but after tossing around a few other ideas for books, I always circled back to BAD INTENTIONS. I felt like I had to write this book before any others. As far as the story idea goes; you see shows like The Wire and all time favorite movies like The Godfather Trilogy, and Scarface, etc and as a writer and a fan, you want to accept the challenge to see what you can contribute to this common theme from your own original, story telling point of view. I think readers will see originality, of course, in BAD INTENTIONS but also an influence from some of those examples.

Q: How did you decide to write and publish a full-length novel, instead of testing the market with a series of short stories first?

A: Well...I have always been long-winded and I have always had a tendency to just dive right in… So, those two things combined with my lack of patience made for pretty good reasons to write a novel...But, I have written a few short stories and I have considered releasing a collection of short stories at some point in the future...

Q: Your main characters in BAD INTENTIONS, The Harrells, how true to life are they?

A: I would like to think that any tight knit family has some of the Harrell clan in them...The fierce loyalty, the pride, the honor...and as far as their chosen profession...well, I think history can give us many real life examples of criminal family empires...Yeah, I would say that the Harrell family is pretty true to life…

Q: Based on your experiences thus far, what advice can you offer to beginning writers like yourself who are looking to break into this industry?

A: As a writer, when you are first starting out, finding your rhythm, your voice, your niche can always be advice would be to write what you read...and as corny as this may sound, write what is in your heart...that's how you find yourself as a writer...use your available resources, all of is an excellent tool...from the Internet to the Smartphone and all of the excellent apps specifically built to help writers...and DO YOUR RESEARCH! Also, don't take shortcuts...have patience (which is very hard for me) and you have to grow a very thick skin...remember each criticism, every rejection...let it motivate you...Try your best to filter out the worry of being judged as much as possible...and just write...get started, stay started...get what's in your heart and in your mind out and down on paper...sort it out later...but just get it out...And most of all, be true to yourself as a writer...believe in your writing...script your story... and just write...

Q: You are both an author and a publisher... how hard is it to be productive while switching between the two roles?

A: I can admit that it does present a challenge in trying to accomplish what you have to do in both arenas...switching the creative hat with the business hat and vice-versa takes patience to say the least...but you have to love what you do...

Q: How long before fans of the CITY HIGH series can expect the next installment?

A: After letting BAD INTENTIONS end the way I did, the natural instinct was to dive right into the next part...strike while the iron is hot and all that good stuff...but I purposely went away from the CITY HIGH series for now...I wanted to allow the characters to grow some more in my mind and I also wanted to get a couple of other hot ideas turned into plan is to keep building the anticipation for the next chapter of the CITY HIGH series and then I'll publish the next part of the series in the next few books...

Q: How did you begin writing? Did you intend to become an author, or do you have a specific reason or reasons for writing this book?

A: Actually it all began with a love of books at a very young age…my parents raised me reading books…so I grew up with a love of reading and then a desire to try and tell stories of my own…I don’t think I ever intended to be an author…I certainly didn't grow up saying I wanted to write books…I think the itch just kind of found me…As far as BAD INTENTIONS goes, it’s just one of many stories that I want to tell.

Q: What authors do you like to read? What book or books have had a strong influence on you or your writing?

A: I'm a huge James Patterson fan...gotta love his hustle, his marketing and business prowess and his mega-success in spite of his critics...dude definitely sets the standard...also big fan of Walter Mosley, George Pelecanos, Stephen Hunter, Dean Koontz, and this new up and coming cat named Tyrone Eddins Jr...(laughs and winks at the camera)

Q: Could you describe the mundane details of writing: How many hours a day to you devote to writing? Do you write a draft on paper or at a keyboard (typewriter or computer)?

A: Honestly, everything I do is electronic these days...note taking, research, drafts and final product...all done via phone, tablet, laptop, desktop...all of the above...I don't get to devote nearly the amount of time to writing that I would like to...On a day set aside specifically for writing I like to try and get at least eight hours of good work done...Most days, I try to get work in as much as possible...few minutes to a few hours, whatever I can get...time is always at a premium...

Q: Do you write every single day?

A: In a perfect world...yes, of course I, I wish I could...If forming thoughts about what I want to write counts, then yes, I write everyday...time is always my biggest obstacle...there is never enough of it...never, ever...

Q: Any writing rituals?

A: I wish. But right now, with my schedule, I just try to write as often as I can. Get it down on paper, figure it out later. That’s my ritual. Morning, noon, night…whenever the time is available, which is never often enough.

Q: Ballpoint, uniball or fountain pen?

A: handwriting is terrible and I love technology...So, I am a laptop, tablet, and smartphone writer all the way!

Q: Do you meet your readers at book signings, conventions, or similar events?

A: Actually, I have been fortunate enough to meet a few readers at a book signing. It’s was a great experience and I look forward to many more…

Q: Aren’t writers supposed to be solitary?

A: That's what they say...a writer's life is a solitary one...head in the clouds, plowing through word after word, chapter after chapter...but I think it's important that a writer live in the real world, associate with real people in real relationships...I think it's these types of interactions that give a writer's characters that true to life feel and sound...makes for better books...It's important for a writer to balance the need for solitude to work with the need to live a real make that work in solitude really pay off...

Q: Can we recognize your hometown of Washington DC in BAD INTENTIONS?

A: You can definitely recognize the Nation's Capital in Bad Intentions...from the front cover and throughout the rest of the book. I am proud to be from DC and I have no problem showing off my city in my book.

Q: You have a "musical soundtrack" listed in BAD INTENTIONS...tell us about your love of music and how it helps with your writing?

A: Music soothes the soul, right? It also motivates and pushes you when you don't want to calms you and helps you gives you clarity and helps you think...I love music, man...and I usually have it playing while I am writing...

Q: What’s the worst job you’ve had?

A: Ha-Ha. I think we should pluralize that to "jobs"...and the list is long, but not very distinguished…trust me…

Q: Tell us some more about your book.

A: BAD INTENTIONS is a story whose basic premise revolves around family. In this story, the Harrell Family is one that has lived its entire existence in a life of crime and after all of these years is trying to find its way out…only they will find that the way out is much tougher than the way in…

Q: Are you planning to adapt any BAD INTENTIONS or any of your upcoming books to the big screen?

A: I would love to adapt BAD INTENTIONS and the entire CITY HIGH series to film. In fact, I am working on a screenplay for the story…so we’ll see where that goes…………..

Q: What’s more important: characters or plot?

A: I believe a healthy balance between both is crucial to any work of fiction...The two are dependent on one another like key ingredients to a without the other is no good and makes for a horrible meal...

Q: How hard is it to establish and maintain a career in fiction writing?

A: Well I am just starting out, but I definitely have to say that it hasn't been gotta love this if you want to do it...I am sure this is the case with many fiction writing you are constantly trying to think of the next big original story knowing that most of the story themes have been told over and over again...The key, to me, its to tell the story in your own original and unique voice...

Q: You currently work a full-time does this affect your writing and publishing efforts and how long do you plan to work like this?

A: Well, it definitely cramps my writing style…no question…but we all have to do what we have to do. Like I was saying earlier, I write whenever I can. I figure I will work this way until I can afford to work full-time as a writer and publisher.

Q: What project are you currently working on? Any teasers about the CITY HIGH series or your next book?

A: I guess I should say that is a secret. But I will let you in on a little bit…my current project is a novel, but it’s not in the CITY HIGH series. I plan on circling back to the sequel to BAD INTENTIONS very soon. But this current project is a fiction novel…and it’s going to be great! ANNNNDDDDD that’s about all I can say…MUUUUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA…(in my Dracula voice)

Q: Do you have any plans to publish other writers?

A: Yes, I definitely plan on publishing other writers. Scripted Visions Publishing Group’s mission is to publish and promote as many new and talented literary voices as possible…hence our motto “Dreams in Print…Publishing & Promoting the Next Generation of Literary Legends!”

Q: Any last thoughts for our readers?

A: Well, one more thought for my up and coming writers out here: WRITE, WRITE, WRITE..BREATH, SLEEP, & EAT AND THEN GET BACK TO WRITING!” …And for all of my readers: READ, READ, READ AND EAT…SLEEP A LITTLE AND THEN READ SOME MORE!”





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