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— Tyrone Eddins Jr., CEO & Founder - SVPG

Scripted Visions is continuing its mission of "Publishing & Promoting the Next Generation of Literary Legends" by offering you a brand new showcase featuring the selected works of today's up and coming writers!

- Interested in participating in the S.W.I.F.T. INITIATIVE? Please see the guidelines posted below! -

- July 2017 - 

Scripted Visions Publishing Group is proud to present the work of

Joslyn Caldwell

A native of California’s picturesque Central Coast, Joslyn Caldwell was born with a creative soul. She wrote her first poem in the 8th grade and has been hooked ever since, never missing an opportunity to bring her words to life even if that means jotting down verses on napkins, scraps of paper or her own skin if nothing else is available. As a mother of three, Joslyn admits that her favorite job is being a mom and she values family above all else. When she isn’t writing or enjoying time with her family, Joslyn enjoys cooking and baking and of course, watching football. She offers a writing style that is sure to satisfy the appetite of the most ravenous reader. So, please sit back and enjoy the tasty treat that Joslyn has cooked up for us. 

- My Superman -

Melodies play in my head
With the sound of your voice
Your laugh brings
A warmth inside me that I can’t even
Begin to explain.
Your strength is something
That I will forever admire.
My experience with you
Is something I will treasure for a lifetime
I desire your mental stimulation
For the simple fact
Your wisdom on life
Surpasses mine.
Learning more about you
Has made me come to realize
That you have exceeded my expectations
Of what I always thought a real man was
And at times I am intimidated.
Truthfully I need you.
I want no one but you
I desire your heart
Because in mine you can never be replaced
The life I have lived
The turmoil I have been through
I had honestly given up
Never thought I would find happiness
Never thought I would have that
Knight in shining armor
But yet here you are.
And if I have my way here you will remain.



- April 2016 -

Scripted Visions Publishing Group is proud to present of the work of


She may have grown-up leaving tiny, nomadic footprints across a variety of locations, but Nadia Stokes officially and proudly hails from Charleston, South Carolina. The southern-twang you hear in her voice and taste in her cooking definitely does right by her Carolina roots. A true and talented artist in many different forms, she amazes as a poet, a singer, a chef and a painter.

Nadia’s words about life come straight from her soul and promise to speak directly to yours. So sit back…relax…and enjoy a generous and glorious helping of Nadia Stokes’ own special brand of soul food…


By Nadia A. Stokes

Sunshine set its light on night
And winds bent their arms Around
Swarms of bumble bees
Bent crooked knees
Hearts, mind at ease
feeling pretty, pleased
Lovers lane

Memories of dimmed war-houses
Left men somewhat insane
But none of them to blame
since they were quick-stepped men children
Of single mothers
Who smothered them
Left the girls in a world
All their own
Cyclical movements to the throne
Chills within movements of their own
Family grew and grew
Slid to home
Base encased by lies
Life struggles, present passed by
Future, a dream

Captured in scenes
Emote heat from Rath of mind
To keep my peace
I wrote a rhyme
Never to be dead...again
So I wrote to cover all visions
Hidden deep within...flies flew far away
Buzzing...nothing left.

- December 2015 -

Scripted Visions Publishing Group is proud to present of the work of


Although Joseph hails from the great state of Maryland, he is a southern boy at heart. From southern cooking to southern women, Joseph has an undying affection for all of the joys offered from down-home, easy-paced southern living. 

Joseph's debut contribution to the S.W.I.F.T. INITIATIVE is an ode to the desires we all share for healthy and meaningful relationships. Please enjoy his poem entitled, "COMPANIONSHIP"


By Joseph L. Neal Jr.

If I was a Bird
I'd fly away
and land in any given hood
on any given day
To have a house to call home
w/ a real Woman that wouldn't roam
I apologize for the # of Women in my past
But does that mean
I always have to be 1st @ finishing last?
Would give a leg & a hip
just to have
everlasting luv & companionship.
To look N2 her eyes
and know she's mine
and would be that way
if I was sentenced to any amount of time.
To be a normal couple and
come home after work
to each other
To be so emotionally entwined
to look N2 her eyes
is 2 make luv to her
She'd be my Soul
& I her Mate
and even after 20 years of Marriage
We'd still Date!


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