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The Name of the Game? Expansion!

What’s up good people! 

It’s been too long since my last post. However, I’m happy to report that the long delay was not due to laziness or complacency. In fact, the delay was due to just the opposite. It’s been pretty hectic on this end and, in business, that is always a great thing! Scripted Visions Publishing Group has been busy in the business of expansion. THAT’S GAME! Sports is well into it’s 3rd season and has seen it’s reach and listenership grow with steady progress. Full episodes of TGS are now available on iTunes! We have also teamed up with several new sponsors including Audible by Amazon and Thrive Fantasy! TGS is also preparing to introduce The THAT’S GAME! Sports “Fan’s Tribune”, a brand-new platform created BY sports fans FOR sports fans! The Fan’s Tribube will feature original content written from the unique perspective of die-hard sports fans. Readers can expect entertaining stories of what it means to be a sports fan...everything from the agony of defeat to the thrill of victory. 

In addition to our progress on the sports entertainment front, SVPG is also expanding into the career consulting business. We are starting slow by first offering professional writing services such as resumes and cover letters. Stay tuned for the addition of SVPG’s professional writing services to our website!

Finally, SVPG is finally, finally, finally getting back to the business of books! No matter how far we go, we’ll never stray from where we started. I can’t say too much, but book lovers can expect at least one new release this year. Maybe more than one. We’ll see! 

We are looking forward to new things during the remainder of 2018 and heading into 2019! Stay tuned and prepare to be amazed!

“Two fingers” and many blessings!