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"Using Negativity and Adversity as Motivation"

Negativity and adversity, it seems, are a part of life. We all encounter them at one point or another, right? In fact, one can even argue that negativity and adversity could be a necessary part of life because overcoming negativity and adversity can help us recognize and appreciate the positive aspects of life that much more.

Whenever we find ourselves trying to progress on our individual journey or trying reach a specific goal in life, we are bound to encounter negativity and adversity. In fact, it should be expected. Negativity and adversity can present themselves in many forms, to include: detractors and naysayers, obstacles that fall into our path, as well as unexpected events that can interfere with our progress, etc. Some instances of negativity and adversity are self-inflicted while some are completely beyond our control. Regardless of how, why, or when we encounter negativity and adversity, the most important thing is how we handle and respond to them.

I’ve found that the key to combating negativity and adversity is not only anticipating these things, but also planning for them so you can minimize their impact and then quickly move on. When we encounter negativity and adversity, it’s important that, instead of allowing these things to impact our progress, we use them as motivation to push ourselves even harder to reach our goals. Instead of wasting energy on over-analyzing the negative occurrence and the adversity we are facing, we should channel our energy into learning as much as possible from the experience and then figuring out how to overcome it and avoid a re-occurrence of it in the future, if possible.

Negativity and adversity can be showstoppers, or they can be sources of motivation that inspire us to buckle down even more and grind even harder. This choice belongs to each of us. For me, it’s a no-brainer. I choose to tackle negativity and adversity head-on, transform them into sources of motivation, and then use them as stepping stones to achieve greater heights.

What choice will you make?