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"BALANCING THE BUDGET"...Book Tours for Self-Published authors & Indie Publishers?

Money. It seems to be the word of the day, no wait, the word of the week, well, no…it’s the word of the month, right? Then again, I suppose; especially in today’s economy, that “money” is THE word for all occasions…it’s always en vogue…period…In fact, is there ever a time these days where we aren’t worried about money? How to save it, how to spend it wisely, how to make more of it, etc etc…

Money is what leads me to today’s posting. Specifically, the proper managing of it for self-publishers and indie-publishers. I’ll probably hit on different aspects of money management in upcoming posts, but in this post I wanted to hit on marketing a published book- specifically the infamous BOOK TOUR. Is an actual book tour still a viable and valuable option for today’s authors? With all of the technology available at our fingertips, does it still make sense for an author to embark on a book tour across several states, time zones or even coasts?

Now, I’m not saying book tours no longer make sense, but I do think it’s worth asking the question. See, for traditionally published authors maybe embarking on a long book tour still makes sense because of the money machine that stands behind their books.

However, for self-publishers and indie publishers, the question remains: is a book tour a cost effective method of reaching the masses? And again, does it even make sense time-wise in this day and age with the ability to reach audiences from your home computer (websites, Twitter, blogging, Facebook, podcasts, You-Tube, etc, etc). Has today’s technology coupled with the vast reach of social media made face-to-face interactions obsolete? Do people even go into book stores as much these days?

Personally, I still enjoy going into book stores and libraries. However, I am curious how the number of people visiting book stores today stacks up against say…five or ten years ago. I bring all of this up because self-published authors and indie-publishers do it all, often with limited resources.

From the actual writing of the books to the marketing and the publishing including covering all of the associated costs. These tasks create the need to micro-manage each and every cent that is spent. I began my publishing journey as a self-published author and have since evolved into a indie/ hybrid publisher. So I feel compelled to show due respect to the self-published authors and indie publishers who have chosen to go it alone and do it all their way.

The question of book tours and other money-related topics pose interesting questions that I don’t have the answers to just yet. But, I would love to hear some of the opinions and experiences of other self-published authors and indie publishers out here.

Peace and Blessings,