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- The Fun of "Beneath the Underdog" -

Here at Scripted Visions, one of our favorite sayings is “starting small, building a giant”. Believe it or not, we love being the new kid on the block. We love being the underdog. We love being the upstart who is bucking traditional norms and paving their own path. 

We not only understand, but we embrace all of the challenges that come with being a small business trying to find its way and carve out a place in this ever-growing business world. Challenges like limited financial resources, limited reach and other various obstacles. But our vision, effort, and work ethic are in limitless supply and will help us overcome these challenges. Sure, it is hard work being a start-up; but it’s also fun and worth every long hour and every drop of sweat that is expended while chasing this dream. 

So what’s next? Well, we continue to grow and we’re looking for talented individuals who want to join our team. We are looking for grinders and hustlers who want to be part of something great at its very beginning while we are climbing that rough side of the mountain. Are you that type of individual? Then stay tuned for the opportunities we will be throwing your way. We want you on our team!

Peace & Blessings,