Innervisions Posts


Have you ever had a dream? No, no, no…not that kind of dream…not the dream you have while you are asleep and then wake up from. What I’m talking about is the kind of dream that keeps you awake both day and night and occupies the majority of your thoughts. It even distracts you from life's basic functions. This kind of dream fills you with an energy that you can't quite describe. It makes you hungry, but not for food...hungry for something different than what you already know. The kind of dream that won’t leave you alone no matter what you do, it lives and breathes in your mind. It's your passion and it's quickly growing into an obsession. 

The kind of dream I am talking about pushes you out of your comfort zone and requires that leap of faith off of a very tall cliff…The kind of dream that will leave you kicking yourself if you don’t at least try to pursue it and avoid having to answer that infamous and dreaded question…“WHAT IF?” 

Have you ever had that kind of dream? I am sure many of us have…I know I doubt…and I’m chasing it right now. I am hoping that all you will chase your dreams as well. Life is too short for anything less.