"It's All About the Words"


Shortly after the 2011 New Year, Tyrone Eddins Jr. found himself putting the finishing touches on his debut novel, BAD INTENTIONS. He also found himself in the midst of an extensive search to find a suitable publishing home for his book.

After querying several literary agencies & publishing houses without finding a suitable match, Tyrone researched alternatives to traditional publishing & discovered that many of today’s authors have found success self-publishing their work. For Tyrone, the way forward was obvious and he decided to self-publish his novel.

However, that was just the beginning. After learning of the difficulty many authors experience in their attempts to break into publishing via the traditional conglomerate publishing houses, he decided not to stop at simply self-publishing his own book. Tyrone decided to form his own publishing house to publish not only his books, but also the works of other up & coming authors. So, in June 2011, Tyrone formed SCRIPTED VISIONS PUBLISHING GROUP with the mission of providing a vehicle on which to transport the voices of today’s authors and tomorrow’s aspiring writers.



The Vision Behind Scripted Visions...

For writers, many things have changed in the today’s publishing world. The “E-Behemoth” known as Social Media has not only circumvented physical barriers and made the world a much smaller place, but more importantly, it has blown the doors off of traditional publishing by giving today’s author a powerful and wide-reaching platform on which to operate. Today’s author now has an independent voice that has been emboldened and empowered, a luxury that our predecessors did not enjoy. Die-hard traditionalists may eschew these modernizations, but it is in these changes that Scripted Visions sees opportunity.

Scripted Visions promotes author independence and serves as a conduit between the author and their target audience. Previous generations of authors were forced to rely on the middlemen; conglomerate publishing houses and literary agents, to help bridge the gap between their work and their target audience. 

So, what makes Scripted Visions Publishing Group different? Scripted Visions is a publishing house built by an author for authors. This means our authors work directly with a published author who understands the time, effort, and sacrifice required to write, publish, and sell a book. Scripted Visions authors will be mentored during each step of the creative process and beyond. With Scripted Visions, authors will be treated not only as artists, but also as business professionals and will have a key voice in the publishing and promoting of their work. 

The end result? A successful, author-driven book creation and publishing operation. And with both our authors and readers in mind, Scripted Visions publishes books in a manner that maintains and enhances the author’s original creative vision and ensures the reader receives the books in their purest form.


Today’s many impressive technological advances allow readers to enjoy the book of their choice in a variety of formats that best suit their tastes. Books are more accessible today than ever, but even with all of today’s advancements; books, at their core, remain all about the words. It’s in the words where a book is made or broken. It’s in the words where a book lives or dies. It’s in the words where Scripted Visions found its humble beginnings and it’s in the words where Scripted Visions will continue to grow and introduce readers to the very best in literary entertainment from talented and upcoming authors.